Mizpah Brooch

Mizpah Brooch

SKU: 889

Antique Mizpah Brooch 



  • Creator

    S.B    Smith Brothers of Icknield st, Hockley, Birmingham

  • Metal

    9ct Yellow Gold 

  • Brooch Pin

  • Base metal

  • Weight


  • Period

    Early20th century

  • Date of Manufacture

    Not dated

  • Condition

     Good, consistent with age

  • Length
  • 40mm
  • Width
  • 21mm


Chain is not included



What Does Mizpah Mean On Jewellery? 

Have you seen the word MIZPAH engraved or embossed on a ring, pendant or brooch before? What does mizpah mean on jewellery? Usually found on antique design keepsake jewellery, Mizpah is a Hebrew word that means 'watchtower' and is loosely interpreted as 'May God watch over you.' 


Mizpah jewellery is still worn as a token of love or friendship and became popular during the Victorian era with an emotive story behind it. 


In the Book of Genesis, Jacob and Laban are given the wisdom to reconcile their differences, and live peacefully. As a symbol of their trust, they built a tower, a mizpah. Before parting, Laban salutes Jacob: 'The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent, one from another'.

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