Peridot and Pearl Lavalier Necklace

Peridot and Pearl Lavalier Necklace

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Peridot and Pearl Lavalier Necklace


The chain is 15ct Yellow gold, and the pendant itself is 9ct yellow gold



  • Creator


  • Metal

    15ct Yellow Gold Chain / 9ct Yellow Gold Pendant

  • Weight

    53 grams

  • Period

    Early20th century

  • Date of Manufacture

    Not dated

  • Condition


  • Peridots
  • 2 x 3.5mm round, and 1 x 3.6mm round, with a 7.1mm x 4.1mm Pear shape 
  • Seed Pearls
  • 14 x seed pearls in condition consistent with age
  • Chain Length
  • 16 Inches
  • Width of Pendant
  • 22mm
  • Drop of Pendant Down to the bottom of the Pear drop
  • 35mm





Lavaliers are believed to have been named after the Duchess Louise de La Vallière, the mistress of French King Louis XIV in the mid 17th Century. Some have erroneously attributed the name lavalier to the French actress Ève Lavallière, who's career spanned the end of the 1800's.  In fact, Lavallière received that stage name because she often would wear that style of necklace.  Although she didn't coin the term, Ève undoubtedly contributed to the lavalier’s renewed popularity at the turn of the 20th Century.  The lavalier stayed popular by evolving in design along with the fashions of the time. 



In the last vestiges of the Victorian Era (1837-1901), lavalier pendants were sweet and detailed, with floral motifs and delicate seed pearls. In the Art Nouveau (1890-1910) style, lavalier pendants had elongated, feminine lines, with curves that mimicked the forms found in nature.  Enameled leaf motifs and natural pearls were common.  As fashion transitioned into the architectural opulence of the Art Deco era (1920-1939), the lavalier followed suit, with a more geometric symmetry and diamond encrusted designs.  This coincided with the Golden Age of Hollywood, and actresses often wore lavalier necklaces that were perfectly suited to the plunging necklines of their silk gowns.  This period marked the height of the lavalier's popularity, however modern jewelry designers continue to riff on this timeless design.





The piece will come in a new presentation box

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